Press Release: Announcing Kcm Inc.’s Annual R&R Retreat In Cancun

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KCM Inc. Updates

LENEXA, KS – Cameron, KCM Inc.’s President, announced that this year’s rest and relaxation retreat will take place in Cancun. He discussed what attendees have to look forward to, and the significance of such travel opportunities.

It’s all high tides and good vibes at the KCM Inc. HQ according to Cameron, who is just as excited as the rest of his team for the upcoming trip to Cancun. The firm’s travel program is touted as being one of the biggest and best perks of joining the team, and international trips to exotic resorts are definitely in line with that promise.

This is shaping up to be the biggest travel opportunity of its kind so far, with industry leaders from across the globe flying in for a well-earned all-expenses-paid vacation. Not only will it include relaxing in the sun and partying under the stars, but top producers will get the chance to know one another in a relaxed way, sharing best practices and career journeys while unwinding poolside, drink in hand. Networking has never been easier or more fun, Cameron shared.

Meeting movers and shakers from around the world isn’t the only kind of connecting that Cameron is anticipating either. “I am really looking forward to bonding with my KCM Inc. teammates, and getting to know them on a more personal level. We’re all looking forward to digging our toes in the sand and hanging out together with cool drinks and delicious tacos in hand!”

Work Hard Today, Play Hard in Cancun Next Year

One of the reasons that Cameron has a KCM Inc. travel program is that it reminds his hard-working crew that their efforts will yield rewards. When working toward long-term goals, one of the challenges that goal-oriented people face is that they forget to celebrate their victories: once they’ve achieved a goal, they rush right into the next one. Trips – especially unforgettable getaways like the Cancun weekend will be – are the perfect way to reward those who have spent the last 12 months diligently hitting high benchmarks.

Trips obviously make a great target to work toward, and Cameron is already working with his current team members to help them put plans in place so they can qualify for next year’s trip. In fact, he is also interviewing for a few entry-level positions that have recently opened up due to promotions, and he believes that anyone who joins KCM Inc. now will have time to qualify for the next Cancun trip as well. Taking his entire organization on this retreat would be a dream come true for Cameron, and this kind of visionary goal setting is what has made him and his team so successful.

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