Celebrating The Season In Virginia

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KCM Inc. Updates

Our KCM Inc. holiday party is one of our favorite traditions. This year’s event will take us to Virginia, where we’ll be celebrating with our friends, families, and loved ones. There will be awards for excellent performance, raffles to create some extra excitement, and a whole lot of team bonding. We’re ready to reflect on what a great year it’s been and just enjoy each other’s company away from our work roles.

The party is just the latest of our many team travel events. Throughout the year, we venture out to all kinds of industry gatherings, including conferences that put us in touch with the most successful people in our business. We get to listen to keynote speeches and take part in breakout sessions that give us great ideas for streamlining our methods. Every time we return to the KCM Inc. office, we’re inspired to take our performance to the next level.

Networking is a big part of any trip we take with our teammates. We know that having diverse contact lists opens us up to all kinds of insights we can’t get anywhere else. You can be sure that we’ll even make some helpful connections during our holiday party in Virginia.

We’re more than ready to tackle 2020 with lots of positive energy. To see content from our holiday party and get updates on our upcoming projects, follow KCM Inc. on Instagram.